Soledad Rueda

Soledad is a painter and facilitator for the intuitive creative process that she has experimented on herself for more than 15 years. She studied Business Administration at Universidad de San Andrés, worked at Procter & Gamble and Falabella until she embarked on a journey through Asia, which brought her into contact with yoga, meditation and intuitive art. She studied “Creativity and Intuition” with Michele Cassau and Stewart Cubley in Esalen, US, and took courses on Yoga, Mindfulness, 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion, Expressive Writing and Coaching.
Since 2013 she delivers creative exploration workshops through Intuitive Arts for children and adults. She teaches at The Global School and continues to develop her own creative work at her studio in Tigre, Argentina.

Agustina Lualdi

Agustina has had an eclectic journey that includes degrees in Physical Education, Advertising and postgraduate work in Educational Management. After various roles in different areas and activities, she returned to her true calling, education, teaching and being a member of the leadership team at different schools. She is cofounder of The Learnerspace, an educational consulting firm dedicated to furthering change in education and Project Director at The Global School, where she leads the development of school initiatives and coordinates all non-curricular projects.

Gabriel Rshaid

Gabriel is the co-founder and Director of The Learnerspace, a company whose mission is to help build the future of learning. He is also co-founder of The Global School, the first school of its type in Latin America, attempting to make educational change a reality. Formerly Headmaster of St. Andrew’s Scots School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the oldest bilingual school in the world, he is a passionate educational futurist who is intent on sharing his belief that it is the best time in history to be an educator. Gabriel is the author of five books, and has contributed as a co-author to numerous other books and anthologies. A former board member of ASCD and chair of ESSARP, he has spoken and led professional development workshops all over the world, working with educators to help create the future of education.

Interiority Art is powered by The Learnerspace.

The Learnerspace was born as a shared effort to try to create the future through education. Many of us educators have been hearing so many things related to the future of learning, and yet have had to cope with our frustration of not seeing most of those principles be materialized in real life. The Learnerspace will attempt to bring into fruition what we already know are the irreversible principles of learning for the future, helping schools create that future right away, without the need for systemic change. It is comprised of a vast network of like-minded educators whose vision for the future of education is aligned mostly in that the time is now, and we should wait no longer to make that school of the future happen immediately, to start capitalizing on the promise of 21st century education, so as to make learning in schools more exciting, fun, a better experience for all involved.