We offer online courses for high school students, educators and adults in general.

Courses are multi-week programs that comprise offline and online weekly interactions though prompts and interactions, providing learning resources, discussion, reflection and sources for inspiration. Through shared exploration of deep topics, we gradually develop our sensitivity and creativity, allowing participants to become more attuned to their inner feelings with the goal of expressing them in a safe and nonjudgmental space.

Through art and other expressive means, we provide catalysts for inner growth and renewed self-awareness.


Students transverse a full journey that starts from exploring creative dimensions and self-knowledge to unique means of expression and gratefulness.

Contents and activities include:

– Creativity, the creative process. Intuition.
– Knowing myself and sharing with others.
– Success, failure and associated fears. Modeling imperfection.
– Games and improvisations as catalysts towards the creative process.
– My inspiration book. Expressive writing. What inspires me.
– Observing with new eyes to enhance my perception. Special eyeglasses.
– Listening with attentiveness and reevaluating silence.
– Integrating my senses. Impromptu sculpting. A shape that speaks about me.
– Imagining without limits and dreaming of my future. Intuitive painting, imaginary worlds.
– Practicing happiness and spreading it. Dancing with optimism.
– Mirroring in resonance. An interview with a mentor.
– Exploring my talents, what makes me different.
– Connecting with my vulnerability. My own story movie.
– Being yourself, my own unique expression.
– Co-creating. Collective mural, enriching through differences.
– Gratitude. A letter to myself.


Educator courses are focused on how to awaken their own creative connections, self-awareness towards the personal and specifically on tools and techniques to apply the Interiority Art Process in the classroom, at all age levels. Both foundational and practical, the course covers the theory and fundamentals of Interiority Art, whilst also living through the same experience as the students themselves.

Some of the activities and contents include:

– Creativity, preconceptions.
– Living through the creative process.
– Guiding principles for Interiority Art. Not knowing, listening, respecting, energy flows, non-interpretation.
– Connecting with the inner child.
– Experiencing movement.
– Experiencing intuitive painting.
– Experiencing expressive writing.
– Co-creating. Diversity and differences.
– Sharing.


Courses for adults constitute a unique expressive experience, unfolding a process of self-exploration with multiple opportunities for renewed connection and expression. The power of true community through shared values emerges to co-create in multiple art forms.

The course includes:

– Creativity and the creative process. Connecting with the inner child.
– Some guiding principles: venturing out of the comfort zone, listening, respecting, following energy flows, non-interpretation.
– Success, failure and associated fears. Modeling imperfection.
– An inspiration journal. Looking with curious eyes. Expressive writing. What inspires me.
– Paying attention to all our senses and expanding them. Impromptu sculpting. An attempt at limitless imagination. Imaginary lives and imaginary worlds.
– Exploring my talents, what makes me unique. Love and kindness practice.
– Exploring my vulnerability. My own story.
– Being yourself. Your own unique expression. Intuitive painting: real life me.
– Practicing happiness. Silent practice. Optimistic dance. Freedom in form.
– Sharing and integrating. Listening and accepting. Collective mural.
– Gratitude. A letter to myself.