Educators´ Workshop

A 4-week, online, fully interactive program for educators.

Thursdays, 6-8 pm ET, 7-9 pm ARG/BRA
5-7 pm COL/PER, 4-6 pm MEX

Starting May 6

The course will be focused on how to awaken participants´ own creative connections and self-awareness.

We will be exploring concepts related to how to apply the Interiority Art Process in the classroom, for all age levels.

Both foundational and practical, the course covers the theory and fundamentals of Interiority Art, whilst also living through the same experience as the students themselves.

The Program

The program comprises offline and online weekly interactions, featuring learning resources, discussions, reflections and inspirational prompts.

Through a shared exploration of deep topics, we gradually develop our sensitivity and creativity, shared in a safe non-judgmental space.

Every week we will have a 2-hour live Zoom interaction, a unique opportunity for connecting amongst participants, with activities that strengthen the bond between participants and build up on each module’s themes.

Through Art and other expressive means, we provide catalysts for inner growth and renewed self-awareness.

Week 1

Opening. Creativity, preconceptions. Living through the creative process. The unknown. Experience: Dancing with myself. My journal. Expressive writing. Process Circle. Sharing.

Week 2

Exploring. Guiding principles for Interiority Art. Not knowing, listening, respecting, following the energy, not interpreting. Experience: Intuitive Painting. Process Circle. Sharing.

Week 3

Connecting. Connecting with the inner child. The importance of playing. Success, failure and associated fears. Modeling imperfection. Experience: Observing with new eyes to enhance my perception. Contemplative Photography. Process Circle. Sharing.

Week 4

Sharing. Being yourself. Exploring my talents, what makes me different, searching for my own unique expression. Connecting with my vulnerability. Experience: Impromptu sculpting. Modeling “my own shape”. Gratitude. A letter to myself. Final Process Circle.