The Process

Interiority Art is a process oriented learning experience, aimed to connect people to their own creative voice, facilitating individuation and greater alignment with authentic presence and self-confidence.

– It is about Creativity and Free Expression
– Non-invasive, non-technical, non-judgmental, non-goal approach that brings forth authenticity, uniqueness and personal style.
– Liberating from the pressure of success and failure, unleashing your creative potential.
– It is about letting go of your plans so the unknown can find you.
– Playfulness, Courage and Curiosity are the keys to explore.
– It is all about the PROCESS of creating, not the PRODUCT.
– No prior art experience or training is necessary. Only a willingness to explore.
– The Interiority Art Project is available to all regardless of talent, technique or training.

In this Adventure, you will:

– Discover your creative voice and your power to create
– Feel the joy of spontaneous expression
– Learn to trust your intuition.
– Follow your energy rather that what makes sense.
– Uncover your own true, original style.
– Dissolve unnecessary patterns and conditioning.

Creative Process theory based on Michele Cassou’s “Point Zero Method” and Stewart Cubley’s “The Painting Experience”